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  1. I want to trade euro currency futures options 24hrs a day.
    I know CME only opens 7-2 pm ...
    I dont get it, what If some one wants to exersise in-the-money
    option in the middle of the night when futures is trading ?

    what a bunch of bool##$$.

    It does not make sense !

    what about brokers that are over seas ?
  2. what about saxo spot options ( not futures ).
    can i trade it 24 hrs ...realize that it is europian , but curios if it is 24 hrs ) to resell the option i guess as oppose to exersising it .
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    Maybe EurexUS will introduce currency options after the futures launch.
  4. i called them, they do not have them yet.
    But, I am looking for 24 hrs options on futures.
    I guess i thought forex does offer 24 hrs on options also..

  5. Yes, Saxo quotes 24/5 on their OTC options. They're 10pip markets on the majors, prix-fixe. The good news? Long-dated options have very fair markets based upon $prem. Bad news? Short dated gamma can be expensive to trade based upon same.

    Cloned: it really seems that OTC is your best-bet. CME futures options simply don't trade outside of US FX volume.
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    I believe globex is open 23 hours a day. You can trade options anytime during that period.
  7. Wow, usd/jpy quotes on the atm straddle for October at 5pm EDT! 14-15 pips on the atm straddle.
  8. let me chk it out.
    I hope it is american style options.
    I hope and pray.

    my head is spinning
  9. riskarb :

    saxo is europian however.
    I have to rethink my strategy.
    i mean , if it is in-the-money, I want to exercise it, as oppose to simply reselling it.

    thats a must in my strategy.
    Plz help.

    American style, 24 hrs, futures ( or spot ), options trade.
    eur / usd or suro currency. does not matter.

    Please god.
    there is always somthing.
    why don't they open options on futures for 23 hrs if the futures trade 23 hrs ..
    i mean how is one going to exercise if it is in the money ?

    my head is hurting
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    Globex currency options trade 23 hours a day with the futures around the clock.
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