Currency Futures News Straddle?

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  1. Have anyone tried this on IB platform during NFP?

    Just before news release, place both buy & sell stop order 10 pips above & below current value with 10pips trailing stop on GBP/USD currency futures (NOT spot fx).

    Are stop orders more likely to be filled on currency futures than spot fx?
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    I was just wondering what broker you're using to get within 10 pips on a stop order at news times, I can't get within 20-25! (with a stop 20 away from that)
  3. ok, not pips, points, CME currency futures not spot fx, IB, MFglobal,saxo, any broker that offers futures
  4. stops are guaranteed a fill but not a price.
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    Anyone successfully doing news straddles on currency or index futures? How are the fills (entry, exits and stops)?
  6. it works 80% of the time but not with IB......i used to put an entry stop buy 10 pips above the ask and entry stop sell 10 pips below the bid...all this orders had a trailling stop attached .....this was all set 20 seconds before 8.30 am for NFP and other news

    the problem sometimes i would get bad fills 1 in 10 not bad ods....."entry stops" turns into a market order when price is reached ....also you need cold blood special when you are using real money ex: i used to put 50% of my account using this system.....and for last you need to be free and remember when and what time the news will be out....

    my best trade was around 1500$ in less 3 minutes on NFA
  7. Exactly. They're just MIT orders.
  8. I tried for few times. The entry stops are often raided 2 minutes before the news. There is no easy money here.
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    Dr Who

    I've done this successfully on FX Spot using my Ninjatrader interface SuperDOM. Place the positions around 5 pips away on either side about 10 secs before the news event. Its dependent on the news event of course because some are subject to insider trading.
  10. Interesting idea.

    I suppose this wouldn't be possible with a Forex broker tho huh, cuz of all the games they play?
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