Currency futures broker question[s]

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Kastro_316, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I trade FX, and I am starting to get into currency futures so I have a few questions.

    I try to keep my set up very basic - I use Oanda as my FX broker, and Meta Quotes for charting, and a news service. Now I need a currency futures broker.

    What is a good, basic, well known currency futures broker? My taste in brokers are Interactivebrokers and Oanda, so you can see what type of brokers I like (Cheap, well known).

    I am also open to suggestions you all may have to a new group of brokers/charting. Here is what I want: Trade forex - Trade Currency futures - Good charting for both.

    Thanks everyone,
  2. IB has access to CME FX futures...
  3. Any decent futures broker is going to have access to the FX instruments. I've traded the EC thru ProActive Futures and Mirus Futures with no problem.
  4. what are the charges like?
  5. nravo


    I'm happy, pretty much with IB and the CME products. But only use it for the four majors (JPY/USD, EUR/USD, CHF/USD, GBD/USD) You can do the AUD and NZ contracts as well, but there is no decent volume in the options if you like to hedge or use those as part of your futures strategy. Not sure about the loonie. Not sure who I would use if I traded cross-rates or exotics.
  6. You want Ninja Trader 6 for IB for charting and order execution.

    You can trade stocks, futures, forex... in 1 platform with IB.

    If you get the Ninja Trader multi-broker edition you can also connect to MBTrading or Gain Captial simotaniously with IB and trade their forex pairs.