Currency futures and fill during news

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by kmanas, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Does anybody trade currency futures during news announcement? What is the splippage? Do most brokers garantee fills on stop orders? Is it better to trade currency futures than spot? Thank u!
  2. Yes.....potentially yes.
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    today i demo traded GB CPI and i got 9p slip. The broker kept spred fairly tight 1-2 p. Is it the same on real account? what i mean how much is the slip on real account, does the broker keep spred tight?
  4. Broker doesn't quote bid/ask on currency futures, you are trading on the CME. Thats like asking if a broker has a tight spread on the ES, its all up to the market.
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    i was demo trading futures on globex, is it normal to have 1-2 p spred on EC, BP and JPY there? how about the slippage on stop orders, how much to expect? does anybody of u guys could tell me. thanks
  6. "news fills" are completely unreliable......could be 1 pip.........could be 10 pips..........OR EVEN MORE,,,,,,,,make sure people telling you about great fills are rading with real account.... not a demo......
  7. rading = trading
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    Thats for sure, I was trading CME currency futures with an autoclick software on X trader the minimum slippage i got was 7 ticks and the spreads can get to 15-20 ticks on 6C or 6B. 6E has more liquidity, but still too doggy for large trades. I came to a conclusion that trading the news is much safer with CNX.
  9. All bets are off during econ news plays.

    I had a trade on the EC recently where my exit was a MIT order and I got 6 ticks less than where the MIT was at. During econ news and big swings, it appears that price levels are blasted thru but there's no guarantee of fills.

    And it works both ways - if you are correct in your trading decision, that big move can reap big rewards. Vice versa if you are wrong.

    I would suggest starting with the EC though, as that is the most liquid currency futures contract. That should yield the least amount of slippage.
  10. I've had slippage even in 6E but the flip side is I've also had some unreal fills on limits that get filled when stops cascade into my level. There's few sweeter moments than buying 34's on a limit without even seeing the print only to have them be an immediate 42 bid. It cuts both ways.
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