Currency for the Month of July

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    Euro: it is anticipated that Euro will move from the current bottom at 1.2600 levels to hit first 1.2880 and then if cross this level in 45 degree then it is going to move toward 1.3000 ranges. The accumulation phase on euro was completed at 1.26000 and the distribution phase started and will continue toward 1.3000 levels. The trend in general is bullish for long term.

    GBP: will move toward 1.8600 and it will stay at this level for a while and then another accumulation will happen at this level. It is anticipated that the pound will move toward the 1.9000 range by the end of the July. In general the trend of the Pound is bullish for long term.

    Yen: will move first in range of 115 and 114 for short then it is anticipated to see the yen at 113 and if cross this support it is going to move toward 111 at the end of the month. The trend on Yen is slightly bearish for short term but the yen trend was not supported.

    Canadian Dollar: it has entered into accumulation stage during last day and it is anticipated to continue toward 1.0900 ranges. However, on long term the Canadian dollar might dive below or near 1.0200 due to the fact that the oil price might reach or exceed $80. Still the trend is bearish for long term on the Canadian Dollar.

    Gold: it has completed the accumulation phase at 570 and now is moving toward first 650 then 690 and could reach 770. . In general the trend of the Gold is bullish for long term

    Oil: it is anticipated to see the oil prices above or near $80 level. In general the trend of the oil is bullish for long term

    At the end this is my observations based on deep technical analysis and I don't mean to let you buy or sell but you might keep this as a reference.
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    I hope you all making good move and mony in this currency trading.

    best luck
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    Just a simple rule I like it: Monte Carlo Theory says for every 100 data point collection there should have been two event occurrences. I noticed that if you want some one to reply to your subject just take the total readers and then divide them on 100 then multiply the result by 2 you can then know the total repliers to your subject. I wrote this subject almost one week and the readers almost 75 while no replies hence I then wanted two reply to my subject to register 2 counts per 100..

    Best luck and you could apply this to any subject you will find it so useful
  4. Same to you. :)
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    watch out this analysis is going to be strengthen and will happen from today and so on.
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    Canadian Dollar ($CDW): as we have explained before $CDW is now completed the down trend or the bearish trend at 88.0 and it will move toward or beyond 91.0 soon during the current month. As shown from the combination of the Bollinger Band, CCI and MACD it is so clear that once the price touches the lower band line provide that the MACD is in lower side this means a big movement in the the other side is going to happen. The Fast Stochastic indicator also has indicated that move as well.
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    The analysis above is still valid for the month of August accepts that the gold may be stay below 700 ranges since its now in accumulation phase.
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    from Dec. till 3-2007 the followings will happen:

    the gold will go in bearish trend to 541 then in 3-2007

    Gold will go to $430
    GBP to 1.700 range
    Euro to 1.16
    JY to above 123
    CAD to 1.24000
    Dow to 10600
    Oil will remain in range of 45 to 53$
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    hey albrady,

    why are you having such a sudden reverse in the outlook on all these markets?

    do you believe that the us dollar has bottomed and will now rally?

    if so....this will drive the commodities down and while the equities market might not exactly rally further, why would you expect a 10%+ correction?