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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by PaulKThomas, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Has anyone else found that banks are slightly behind when it comes to latest figures on the stock exchange? I've recently discovered Money Corp who have really been great and gave me a personal advisor who really found the best deal for me. What's more they're currently offering a lifetime deal which allows you to make free money offers around the world instead of paying the standard £15. you just have to type in NOTT when you register.
  2. I think I will just type "NOTT" to this obviously spamming inaugural post. Try to be more subtle and spam on your SECOND post.
  3. free money?!

    tell me more. your post is rather cryptic.

  4. Hey Hypostumus, very witty, well here is my second post and if you want to report it as spam feel free. I don't really consider it spam as I'm only passing on tips that I've picked up.

    Anyway I have a confession to make, when I said money offers I actually meant transfers. Sorry, it must be the heat! But basically they've been really hands on and helpful.