Curious - is it possible to program the following?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Imagine, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Imagine


    Before I ask, just to be clear, I am asking strictly based on curiousity given the latest subprime events and my current reading of Den of Thieves ( don't ask for a logical correlation please but both just got me curious)

    Is it possible to program a trading strategy that takes into account the following and a brief description on what variables would be used?

    - greed - market participants
    - fear - consumers
    - probability of political decisions
    - legislative decisions

    and based on the above, amongst others, get a portfolio of possible stocks. The last two I am assuming is done with forex ( not sure if this is actually programmable though ) but what about stocks?

    and secondly,

    do "startup" hedge funds - paper trade their strategies and publish these results?

    as always thanks for not putting this automatically into chit chat
  2. rosy2


    yes you could program that.

    why would a hedge fund publish anything that is profitable?
  3. Imagine


    well if its a startup and looking for clients - they could assume say they have 100 million and would invest it and show the paper results of their decisions? Plus perhaps actually go into detail behind their decisions?

    not sure was just curious