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  1. another racist film abt the whtdevil going to africa with a rifle.
  2. This fucking website has become a disgrace. How come this piece of shit and his "white devil" racist bullshit isn't banned?

    I'm sure this asshole would have been banned instantly if he was continuously posting racist remarks towards blacks, jews, latinos, etc...
  3. Click on the compain button, see what happens....


    Are racist bigoted remarks about Muslims and Arabs okay in your "view"?

  4. Exactly. Everyone knows the situation by now. Few are willing to challenge this anymore though. My posts gets deleted just for proving ZZZzzzzzz wrong when he personally attacks me. His moderator friend "resinate" watches his back with a passion unbridled! Their side can post the most disgusting, racist, biased, threatening comments all day long. It's awfully suspicious that nothing is done concerning kingcobra. Anyone on the "other side" would've been banned after post number 1.
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    I have it on good authority that cobra is actually an 85 yr old white female retired high school librarian currently half way through Uncle Tom's Cabin for the 400th time . This behavior is common in elderly women who's vibrator batteries have gone dead and are no longer able to twiddle their twats. And the thing about cobras , a snake and a king,hmmm.
  6. Poor Uncle Tom... how about Uncle Ben?
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    What do you know about Africa and African culture, anyway? Oh. So you are black and they are black. So? I am white. I bet I know more about their culture than you do.
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    Lmao Gonghorns, he's trolling, poorly. I wouldn't have believed anyone was taking him seriously.
  9. Yeah really. Who cares what 'lil bastard thinks?
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    Zactly, no need to call on the mods. This guy is a live heavy bag: take your free shots and enjoy it!
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