Cure cancer with your computer

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  1. Most cancer (85%) is environmental.
  2. What sort of fun is that??Sitting indoors and reading a book with all the blinds drawn,no smokes,no beers,no BBQs or steaks/burgers,nothing deep-fried.Most people would rather be dead.

    I know that everything in moderation is a good thing but avoiding all those things,what else is there to do?
  3. i don't make the rulz i just follow them :) .

    Roll the dice you take the risk.
  4. better understanding of proteomics could lead to developments in epigenomics, which is basically the interface between the dna and the environment
  5. Very true.I have known fanatically health conscious people drop dead of a heart attack or get some form of incurable cancer at an early age and also chain-smoking borderline alchoholics who go on forever.

    Basically,if it makes you happy to go to the gym 8 days a week and live on lentil soup,then knock yourself out.Likewise,if people get enjoyment out of 'unsafe' appetites then that is their prerogative.Life is one big roll of a dice anyway.You never know what's around the corner.
  6. So this is one of those programs you download and it uses spare CPU time to link up on the net with other computers and unlock genomes, or search for space monkies, etc.?