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  1. What the lastest number for the curbs to go in. It's been a long time since I even thought about that...
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  3. Thanks,

    I thought the range was much narrower -- like 200 pts or so and program trading is stopped...

    edit: It's 150 pts and we hit the stabilization pt...
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    I think he is asking about program trading curbs - not total trading halts like the 10% drop.

    It used to be about 200-230 points or so either way if I remember correctly.

    Haven't seen that in a while though - I remember when it was commonplace - a couple of times a week.
  5. Basically,

    We hit them and the market reversed...they "worked."

    Enuf said. :)
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    The P.P.T. kicks in at S & P 1176!