Cupcakes from Paris (Hilton)

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    "Paparazzi photographers on the ground quickly assembled outside its gates.

    Hilton herself kept a low profile, although late in the morning a man arrived outside her house with a supply of cupcakes he said she had instructed him to distribute to the media horde."

    she's quite the cupcake herself

    as much as people hate her, i find her refreshingly honest

    with bono traveling the world in his jet, telling us how we could all better ourselves by giving our money to his concerns, and female celelbrities going to africa to adopt, when they wouldnt give the time of day to a down and out american kid..

    it's kind of refreshing to see a young woman who says 'i'm rich, i didnt work for it, i only care about myself and i'm a slut'

    at least, it's honest

    (meant to put this in 'chit chat')
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  3. Going to jail for 45 days for driving with a suspended license is asinine.

    Someone should put that dumb judge in jail for being a jerk.
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