CUIL to impact GOOGLE ?

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  1. My first impression is it sucks.

    Let's face it, there are barriers to entry in any market including web search engines. Yes, Google overcame those barriers but it was enormously difficult unseating Yahoo. Recall what happened to the other search engines like askjeeves, etc.
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    It's slow and it failed to find some news articles I read this morning when I typed in key words associated with those articles. Google, Yahoo, and Live did much better.
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    Its very slow, I tried it once it sucks so never again. Companies
    should make sure their product is ready for launch.
  5. They talked about it on the radio and then segued into a Boone Pickens story by saying "surely any search result would include a lot of results for this guy" so when I pulled up that was the first thing that popped to mind...and there were no results found: boone pickens&sl=long
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    I just do not get why they launch when there seems to be some real bugs...

  7. Most of google's services are still in beta after 4 years....and have bugs/security holes.....

    your point?
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    very strange how this works...
    if you search for "boone pickens", it finds plenty and even in preview it says "t. boone pickens".

    but as you said with the "t. " no results
  9. I like how when I typed in the ticker symbol "EEM" one of the subcatagories to search in on the side was "psychedelics, hallucinogens and delirients" LOL.
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