Cubs vs Reds Fight

Discussion in 'Politics' started by vulture, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. If you ask me that take down by Kyle Farnsworth in yesterdays Cubs vs Reds game was textbook. I dont think I have ever seen a fight that one sided where the pitcher was that athletic. They mentioned that Farnsworth is a body builder and that he was an outstanding football player, but that tackle was so damn hard core, I couldnt believe it...Upending the pitcher who was charging the mound, gotta love it...
  2. Baseball players fight like girls.

    Hockey players know how to fight....and they do it on ice-skates!!!

    How often in these baseball fights do we see someone get knocked out? How much blood, how many teeth lost, stitches, etc.

  3. This is exactly why this fight was out of the ordinary. Watch a replay of Farnsworth's tackle. This was the real deal