Cubs to file chapter 11!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Aug 26, 2009.

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    The Obama precedent of using short term bankruptcy proceedings to screw people is reportedly going to be used by the Tribune Company, in order to sell 'America's team', the Chicago Cubs.

    It is a sad, sad day for America when the epitome of greatness, the Cubs, should have it's reputation tarnished by people using these squalid Obama tactics.
  2. "America's team"? WTF?

    They are "the epitome" of failure. Every year they do a fantastic job of tarnishing their already laughably horrible reputation.

    No one outside of Chicago gives a shit about the Cubs or even remotely worries about them fielding a championship caliber team.

    Baseballs worst franchises-

    1) Pirates
    2) Nationals
    3) Cubs
    4) Mets
    5) Royals
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  4. Look at Lou Wolf's team in Oakland.
    29th in attendance. Just pathetic.
    Absolutely pathetic. Wolf should be ashamed of himself.