Cubs and Karma?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Risk Less, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Just wondering how the Cubs fan's out there feel about the CUB FAN that deflected the ball away from Alou?

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    That doesn't was the failed play by the shortstop the next hit that killed the inning. Come on Cubs..1 to go!
  3. That guy was acting on pure reflex, albeit poor judgment. Almost any one of us would have done the same the announcers said "that play didn't lose the game for them"

  4. it sure didn;t help!!!!...but i like how they are singling out that 1 guy when on the replay you see about 20 arms reach for it....i probably would have grabbed it too......did that guy need security getting out?
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    "HEARTLESS"..............> Thats the real reason. Boys, please dont look for answers when in fact it is right under ye noses. FLORIDA MARLINS have small payroll and BIG HEART, period the end...Please give credit where credit is due....

    "The ball was in the stands," McKeon said. "Whether Alou could have caught it or not is questionable, but the ball was in the stands. And when the ball is in the stands, the fans have a right to catch it."

    Could this Fan have been???
  6. Yes, security escorted the fan out before the game ended.
  7. There's gonna be a dead body floating in Lake Michigan tomorrow...

  8. ....Who....Kerry Wood???? :D :D
  9. Yeah I saw it...people were throwing sodas and food at him and the team walking him out.
  10. watch the game. Both, my dad and my brother did. Dad is an avid Cub fan and I can only imagine his frustration. My brother flipped the set off in disgust in the 8th, claiming the problem was one of management...the Cubs manager not pulling the pitcher earlier. For myself, from watching the Braves' management using pitchers, I think it is better for the manager to decide too soon to replace them than too late. I think the Braves' mangement has a good sense of when to relieve a pitcher, whether he has thrown a lot or just tossed a few.
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