Cubans Spankin dat ass

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    Subject: US Census Bureau Facts for Cuban/Americans

    Here are some interesting facts about Cuban-Americans. This

    information was obtained from the US Census Bureau:

    Cuban Americans have acquired an enormous amount of wealth and

    prosperity in an extremely short period of time.No other immigrant group has

    achieved this as quickly as the Cubans. Many immigrants have never

    achieved it at all, despite being in this country far longer than


    Second-generation Cuban-Americans were more educated than even

    Anglo-Americans. More than 26.1% of second-generation Cuban-Americans

    had a bachelor's degree or better versus 20.6% of Anglos. Thus

    Cuban-Americans in 1997 were approximately 25% more likely to have a

    college degree than Anglos.

    Other Hispanic groups lag far behind. Only 18.1% of South Americans

    had a bachelor's or better. Puerto Ricans, despite being U.S. citizens by

    birth, recorded a disappointing 11%; Mexicans only 7%.

    In 1997, 55.1% of second-generation Cuban-Americans had an income

    greater than $30,000 versus 44.1% of Anglo- Americans. Thus Cuban-Americans

    are approximately 20% more likely to earn more than $30,000 than their

    Anglo-American counterparts. All other Hispanic groups lag far behind

    in average income.

    In 1997, 36.9% of second-generation Cuban-Americans had an income

    greater than $50,000 versus 18.1% of Anglo- Americans. Cuban-Americans were

    twice as likely to earn more than $50,000. Also, approximately 11% of

    Cuban-Americans had incomes greater than $100,000 versus 9% of

    Anglo-Americans, and less than 2% of other Hispanics.

    Cubans comprise less than 4% of the U.S. Hispanic population, Mexicans

    65%, Puerto Ricans 10%, Central and South Americans 11%, and "others"

    10%. Yet of the top 100 richest Hispanics in the U.S., more than 50% are


    Cuban descent (ten times what it should be on a population basis), and

    38% of Mexican descent. The rest is scattered among all other Hispanic


    Great economic envy, felt by other Hispanic and minority groups

    towards Cubans, exists. Also, Anglo Americans see Cubans as a group that "is

    unwilling to assimilate".

    How about that!
  2. Cubans kick ass...we all know that :D

    havana (back in the day) was THE place to party down...
  3. Cubans, at least the ones that get ahead in life ( which is the majority ) DO ASSIMILATE. They assimlate better than any other minority group that I am a aware of besides the jews.

    Not only that THEY VOTE REPUBLICAN. Thats why Jeb Bush is the governor of Florida, cubans provided the swing votes.
  4. give the cubans more credit than that, will you? let's not turn this into a hate thread.
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    I have to agree most do vote republican and we do control the votes for the most part...where else can a dead person vote.......:D im just kidding...peace