Cuban throws trading under the bus

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mattmecham, Aug 11, 2011.

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    great quote
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    I wonder what his thoughts are on insider trading. Maybe it's that if you're a billionaire from selling a junk Internet company at its peak in 1999, then you're exempt and can trade on inside info all you want, as long as you hire the right attorneys. But as for everyone else...

    Before jumping on his bandwagon, one should consider the "systemic failure level of risk" Cuban has introduced -- first by hawking a junk dot-com company at the peak of a bubble, second by insider trading (and actually opening a loophole for others to go through), and third by horrible policy recommendations, including a $.25 (sic) FTT on equities.
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    the statement there will be another crash is hardly much of a prediction , on the same basis I will suggest there will be another bull market , followed by yet another crash , followed again but another bull market and then atleast one more crash.
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    Where did you get your crystal ball?