Cuba - where to go and where to stay

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  1. We are off to Cuba next month and as it a first visit, we are open to suggestions where to stay, where to go and what to see.

    There is no real constraint on time, it is just that we would like to see what the tourists are permitted to see in Fidel's Cuba.

  2. Umm...I'm sorry, I can't help you. I'm American and therefore restricted from going to Cuba! :)
  3. Tourists get to see the best of Cuba as a few European companies opened beautiful resorts and golf courses there. Also, the tourist areas have been cleaned up and renovated and look really beautiful. The architecture of Cuba is amazing from the pictures I have seen.

    Just avoid the non-tourist areas and unsafe areas as they are run down and not as pristine. Cayman Islands has beautiful beaches and they are a stone's throw south of Cuba so I am sure their beaches, where they are taken care of, are nice.

    I have not been there since I am an American but 50% Cuban so lots of interest...
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    varadero 5 beach in the wil see what i mean just havana you can stay in the melia cohiba..the restaurant in the hotel has entertainment if i remember correctly...lots of Cuban woman accompanied by their euro-trash pimpoids...:p
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    really? .... the good 50% I hope...:D
  6. Gracias.
    Any thoughts on good hotels in Habana?
  7. por supuesto
  8. Claro que si.... :)

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    look up i edited my post to include a hotel in havana...also be careful there are some slick characters in the area..the malecon can be seen from the hotel...everyone and their mothers hangs out there .. taxis make about 13 bones a month just so you can get a perspective of the economy there...
  10. I would stay away from Varadero and surrounding areas ... unless you like a 'cheaper' version of Marbella or Torremolinos, if you know what I mean!

    In Havana, you should stay in either the Hotel Nacional or Inglaterra. Beautiful examples of colonial era architecture. If there are out of budget, then choose the Habana Libre, if that is also out of budget ... go camping.

    The beaches in the east of Havana are as good as any others on the island.

    You much see Pinar del Rio for the tobacco plantations and very special countryside, Trinidad, and maybe even Santiago de Cuba.

    Eat at the "paladeros" or at the hotel, avoid tourist restaurants.

    Hire a car and just drive around.

    Good luck.
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