Cuba and Brazil.

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    February 21, 2008

    SouthAmerica: Yesterday the Folha de Sao Paulo, a major Brazilian newspaper, published an article saying that Raul Castro told Lula that he want to accelerate the political and economic transition process in Cuba and that Brazil would be the best partner to help him to achieve that goal.

    He asked Lula’s help regarding various goals; to increase private investments in Cuba and also to improve international relations mainly with the United States. Raul hope that Lula can help to convince the United States to end the economic embargo against Cuba that has been in effect since 1962.

    One of the Cuban Ministers said Brazil is one of the few countries in the world capable of mediate a dialogue between Cuba, Chavez, and the United States. The Folha also learned that Raul see in Lula the opportunity of distance himself a little from the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez….


    “Raúl pede ajuda a Lula para integração internacional”
    Folha de Sao Paulo

    Em encontro em Havana, no mês passado, Raúl Castro disse ao presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva que desejava acelerar o processo de transição política e econômica em Cuba e que o Brasil seria um parceiro mais conveniente do que a Venezuela para essa tarefa, revela matéria de Kennedy Alencar publicada nesta quarta-feira na Folha..

    No poder desde julho de 2006, quando Fidel se afastou "temporariamente", Raúl pediu a ajuda de Lula para aumentar investimentos privados no país e melhorar as relações internacionais de Cuba, sobretudo com os Estados Unidos. Raúl deseja empenho de Lula para tentar convencer os Estados Unidos a pôr fim ao bloqueio econômico que teve início em 1962.

    Nas palavras de um ministro, o Brasil é um dos poucos países do mundo capazes de dialogar com o regime cubano, Chávez e o governo norte-americano. Segundo apurou a Folha, Raúl vê em Lula uma forma de se descolar um pouco do venezuelano Hugo Chávez.

    Com a saída de cena de Fidel --que renunciou ao poder nesta terça-feira (19)-- Raúl deverá fazer acenos para a comunidade internacional, disseram à Folha auxiliares de Lula que acompanharam o brasileiro em Havana.

    Lula disse a Raúl que avanços econômicos deveriam ser acompanhados de maior abertura política. Para o petista, Raúl deveria fazer um gesto na área de direitos humanos (prisioneiros políticos) para demonstrar que deseja uma transição de verdade e não somente replicar o modelo chinês (abertura na economia e mão-de-ferro na política).


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    That is why I translated most of the article into English.

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    'Raul hope that Lula can help to convince the United States to end the economic embargo against Cuba that has been in effect since 1962.'

    Why should Cuba look towards US for economic change. Why not towards Latin America for more trade and exchange of goods and services and gain maturity in the free market mechanism. Two other economies of China and India are in strong growth mode and can always buy goods and services from very talented Cubans.

    US policy is to completely destroy the former communist matter if they totally or partially try to change their economic and social systems.

    For countries like Cuba, Russia, Serbia and others in same line to seek alms from the US would be suicidal and abject loss of human dignity.

    Learn by developing own resources.....not rely on others.
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    February 21, 2008

    SouthAmerica: Reply to Toc

    Brazil should take this opportunity and invest in Cuba, and help them develop a strong ethanol industry just to start the process. Then Brazil should invest in all areas related to tourism.

    China is already a major player in Cuba, and if Brazil play its cards right, Cuban investments could be very profitable in the coming years. The only problem is that Cuba is in the path of too many hurricanes year after year.

    After Fidel Castro dies I am sure Cuba will adopt the capitalist system once again, and will provide many opportunities for investments.

    Brazil should prepare the foundations for this major economic transition in Cuba which is not too far in the future.

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    'Cuba will adopt the capitalist system once again'

    Hopefully the Chinese, Indian, Brazilian model, not the Russian one which brought them into depression that sunk the economy by 80%.

    There is big similarity between leaders like Castro, Saddam, Yeltsin, GW Bush, and some others..............they looted the basic human diginity of the people of their own countries and are not and will never be sorry for what they did as a result of their rash and stubborn actions. TOTAL EVILNESS!
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    SouthAmerica, do you work for the Brazilian government? You are pumping Brazil every time you see a good article about it. Do you even live in Brazil?
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    And you think that this can all be easily achieved without any interventionist measures from the US?

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  9. Cuba's future is tourism not ethanol. why would they want to produce that if on the same land they could grow tobacco. Last time I checked Cohibas were a bit more expensive than ethanol.
    Tourism, tourism and tourism and being 90 miles away from the US would surely help in terms of fresh meat.
    Sometimes, I wonder how Cuba would have developed if it had not been for the blockade and travel restrictions. Would Fidel spend the extra 10 to 20 billion a year coming from tourism on himself or re-invest it in Cuba and its people?
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