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    I am considering using this platform. Anyone with experience of it and what are you thoughts please?

    Would also be interested to know which brokers provide it and what it costs with that broker. Someone I spoke to mentioned it cost $500/month but gave them access to all major future exchanges.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I use it, great platform. Its got everything including the implied spreads. cost is $.50 per contract, capped at $250 per month. I clear through Advantage Futures.

    The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't calculate overnight margin on inter-market spreads correctly, so if you do a lot of that it can affect your next day's trading margin. Also, for some reason it doesn't have connectivity to MGE wheat...which is annoying. Its great for day trading / market making though.
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    Thanks traderTX...funnily enough Advantage Futures is the broker I have been in touch with, a couple of others gave them a recommendation so I am waiting to hear what they say.

    Their website says cap is $500 per month...are you restricted in the products that you can trade or do you get access to Eurex, Simex etc?

    Thanks again.
  4. Maybe its the deal I have...I've been a user for a while, and mine is capped lower...but nevertheless....

    I'd talk to Tim Dare if you have any questions about market access. I just trade livestock and grain products, so thats really all I know about. Just scrolling through the contract list though on the platform, I see everything from CME/NYMEX, ICE/NYBOT, LIFFE, KCBT, Winnipeg, and Eurex listed.
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    Thanks again for ur help
  6. T4 desktop's Account Reports screen only show trades for the current day. Is it possible to view trade records say for the last 30 days?
    And is there a support forum on CTS T4?
  7. I'm also considering using this platform to replace CQG Trader. Any thoughts? Please share your experiences.

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    Basic functional platform if you trade with order book, T§S, market profile... Quite good IMO, even if it looks a bit like a toy at first

    stable and reliable connectivity. I can't remember one disconnect/bug for the year I have been using it.

    They just added Paris and LIFFE commodities as well as CBOT grain options. Most futures exchanges in the US, UK, Germany, France are covered for one basic price( To Trader TX, I traded Minny wheat for 6 months with this platform... The problem must be with advantage...).

    I haven't dabbled with the API yet but there is one for those interested.

    If one day they add a spreader I am clearly fan of this platform. TT is better of course, but not 3 times better ( 1500 $ for TT PRO ).
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    I don't think you can see the history of your trades.
  10. Thanks Tradator.

    Care to share what FCM provides you the platform?

    What are platform costs?

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