CTS T4 API Development forum?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by inosent, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. inosent


    I am trying to develop a simple app using the Cunningham trading software via their API. I am hoping there is some sort of development forum.

    Its the simple things that dont work that are annoying. for example, after downloading their API samples as is, and no modifications, using MS Visual Studio 2010, etc, all the right software, in debug mode the example works, but every time i go to compile their code i get this zlib1.dll error.

    which means i cant even get to first base on this deal. i asked the API coders at CTS a few questions, and the short answer was 'well, you must be doing something wrong'. Sometimes if you ask too many questions ppl get annoyed.

    i am sure i am not the only one who has run into this issue with the CTS API, but how it gets resolved i have no idea. i am pretty good with software, but i run into things like this from time to time and i get stumped.

    I was hoping there is some sort of CTS T4 API forum.
  2. Could be a couple of things. I'm a Unix guy, so take it with a grain of salt. (1) You might be missing library paths in your PATH environment variables. Likely the libraries were not installed not in System32; (2) Could be your project/config file(s) are missing variables/paths for non-debug mode.

    Have you check the project/config files to how they differ in debug and non-debug modes?
  3. inosent


    i figured out the issue

    using MS VS 2010 they use the term 'Build' ... the s/ware i used in the past used the term 'compile' to produce the exe. i kept 'publishing', so that was problem 1.

    last, i did not set my project as the 'start-up' project. in the CTS T4 API Examples, T4Example is the start-up project, so when i did a build of that project MS VS 2010 produced a little exe that finally did not throw out the error

    and for anyone else who reads this, the little exe will show up in the T4Example/bin folder

    i might have to start my own CTS T4 forum. Someone named Nate was very helpful, but there is only so much you can ask these guys.

    once i get a handle on the code, i will post a link to a forum so anybody else can contribute. with IB they had a nice forum, more users, etc. maybe CTS T4 doesnt have as many users.

    either way, unless i find it, i will create it. might be helpful for other traders
  4. Hi inosent,

    Did you end up creating forum? I am also trying to conquer the CTS T4 API, but unlike you, I am not so good with software.

    So far there is not trial and error method available.