CTS (T4) and Strategy Runner Announce API Integration

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  1. CTS and Strategy Runner Announce API Integration

    Chicago, , 2008 – Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC and Strategy Runner, Inc., today
    announced that Strategy Runner Inc., have successfully integrated their algorithmic and point & click
    trading application with Cunningham Trading Systems, electronic trading systems ASP.
    FCMs, Traders, brokers and other trading institutions will now be able to utilize Strategy Runner’s
    professional trading platform and server-based algorithmic trading solutions through the CTS API.
    Strategy Runner’s FCM partners, brokers and institutional clients will benefit from the fast and reliable
    exchange connectivity provided by CTS without the need to create and maintain an IT infrastructure in
    house. CTS’s existing customer base will be able to complement their T4 trading frontend with the
    advanced functionality Strategy Runner offer.
    "We see CTS as a key technological partner for us,” said Oded Rochman, Strategy Runner EVP. “Our
    company's ongoing goal is to widen the range of technological integrations and gateways in order expand
    multi-broker execution services, for algorithmic trading and order distribution. We believe that this
    relationship will benefit both firms as it broadens the range of offered services.”
    “This integration provides added value to our robust exchange connectivity infrastructure", says Bill
    Cunningham CTS CEO. "Strategy Runner will provide our customers the advanced automated trading
    functionality they desire without having to change firms.”
    About CTS
    Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC. (www.ctsfutures.com) offers an Application Service Provider ASP
    hosting solution for electronic futures trading. FCMs , Professional traders, brokers, institutional and retail
    Customers and take advantage of CTS’s advanced, reliable network delivering maximum system stability
    as the backbone for their trading platform. CTS’s ASP model enables firms to offer our high performance
    trading software to both Professional and Retail customers with NO in house IT infrastructure. CTS has
    three robust, fully redundant data centers to furnish fast, reliable market connectivity to many the world’s
    largest exchanges. To complement our family of trading software, CTS has developed a browser based
    trading application. Our Webtrader is a “light” version of our trading software that provides real time
    market access to less active traders and those traders wishing to have market access wherever there is an
    internet connection.
  2. I gave this one a try (via Dorman Trading)

    I put it next to a TT and Ninja trader (zenfire ) and also my Pats (J-trader) and the SR with CTS back-end was faster then all of them.

    From what I understand the SR Server is setup in the same LAN as the CTS core server and both are in the same buiildign as GLOBEX data-center so you cant beat the speed.....