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    just fucking great. I had it on my watch list. just slipped from my mind. look at this baby rise. gotta wait for it now. too dangerous.
  2. Yeah, some of these China momo plays have grinned their ugly heads again. This POS doubled today practically. Back to where it was pumped in OCT.
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    Yeah i know. and CPSL. I shorted CPSL.

    Why the fuck doesn't IB have CTDC for shorting? anyone?

    Stupid chinese motherfuckers.
  4. Dude, I would pay a higher vig or commision to any broker besides shitty ones like Amerutrade, Etrade, Scottrade, IB, joe six pack brokers,etc to get the shares I want at times of these artificial run ups especially during the day...

    I'm surprised that POS SEED didn't run as much with the China bulls today. I did get shares to short on that pump up in the Fall.
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    then who is your broker?