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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ggoyal, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. ggoyal


    CTDC and CSUN. these two stocks have doubled in the last 2 days. It is very tricky because these could easily head back down or keep rising.

    any thoughts?
  2. lescor


    I think you nailed it, they could either go down or keep rising.
  3. Hands off for me...I was surprised CSUN held its gains and carried over to tell you the truth. Maybe it will pull SOLF parabolic and shadow that...
  4. It feels like some hedge fund is just pumping it up.

    ADR on both of these stocks the last two days have been unbelievable.

    No way I'm holding these though.... Just keep daytrading!
  5. Very easy daytrades on these though. Liquidity is great on them and the idiot shorts just keep fueling the fire like morons.

    Gonna miss them when they're gone.
  6. ggoyal


    you just scalping pennies out?
  7. There are rumors flying about at the trade desks in reference to CSUN. However, I can say this much. CSUN has been basing since May in a range from 14 to 4 dollars. Now it has broken out of the range. Classic technical theory states that you have 10 more dollars up-room to go.

    Stocks do not just break out of a trading range for no reason. I feel confident that it will go to 25 dollars with ease...
  8. Are you as confident as stock_trad3r that the Dow would hit 15K by year end?
  9. .20-.30 yeah.

    Long-term they're junk. Most unethical pumps i've ever seen. I think the majority of the ADRs have been.
  10. ggoyal


    oh yeah im not talking long term either. these two were of my favorite ones to swing trade. IB doesnt have CTDC for shorting. i guess i have to wait for them to have a couple of down days. or atleast wait for them to lose 50% of their value to their original levels.
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