CTC Career Advice?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TheoCap, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. TheoCap


    Hey everyone. I'm a 21 year old undergraduate senior looking to get my foot in the door of the trading industry.

    Next week I have a phone interview for an assistant trader position with Chicago Trading Company. I really want to be prepared and nail the interview. Besides reading all I can about the firm and practicing answering common questions, does anyone have any other advice or personal experience with CTC and its recruiting and interviewing process? Thanks again.
  2. GoIllini


    If you get the chance, be sure to read Sheldon Natenberg's book, "Options Pricing & Volatility." Natenberg's a partner at CTC, and some of the people there consider his book their Bible.

    If you interview at Citadel, it's nice to know Ken Griffith's life story. In the same way, if you interview at CTC, I'm betting it's nice to have read Natenberg's book. Good luck.
  3. TheoCap


    Thanks Illini, I got the book last week, but will not be able to have it read by my interview time. Anyway, I know the jist and I agree that many view it as the bible for options traders. I have heard it's the basis for their training program.