CTA's and Accredited Investors

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Corso482, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. To invest with a CTA do you have to be accredited? Or is that just hedge funds? What other investments are out there, besides hedge funds, that in order to invest in you have to be accredited?

    I dunno if you guys ever read it, but in Rich Dad Poor Dad, the author always talks about his "fast track" investments that are only open to accredited investors like himself. I think he may alluded to venture capital or something. Any ideas about investments that the mass public wouldn't know about?
  2. Aaron


    You don't have to be accredited to have a CTA manage an account for you. And you don't necessarily have to be accredited to invest in a hedge fund, managed futures fund, private equity, venture fund, real estate partnership, or any other type of unregistered security -- but sometimes the manager will require it. Even if a manager of an unregistered security will accept non-accredited investors, he still must require that they be "sophisticated" investors.

    Of course, don't rely on what I'm saying. Read Reg. D and the interpretive rulings yourself at the SEC.gov website.