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    If you are not a CTA can you manage others Future account and get paid for it? Provided you have less then 15 clients. I will appreciate any comments.

    Thank you
  2. Yes. The requirements were less than 15 customers, less than 250k under management, and you do not hold yourself out to the public as a CTA. The 250k may have changed, but the other info is correct.
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    Make sure you prepare a managed agreement for your clients outlining all details and risk. Very important for your protection!!
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    Is there any State Law I have to be concerned about? I am thinking about State of Virginia.

    Thank you.
  5. where is the official source of this info?
  6. miramarresearch.com :confused:
  7. there are often state laws that "investment advisors" should research. Some definitely have strong laws on the books...
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    This just exempts you from NFA registration. You can charge performance or management fees if you like, but your brokerage cannot pay you out unless you're registered.

    Also, is this to be pooled funds or accounts managed individually?
  9. Unless IB is breaking the law, they don't have that requirement (or at least they didn't when I established an advisor account).
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