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  1. What's the difference between the two if you would like to start one of them?

    To start a CTA there is a $750 registration fee. But for a CPO, there is only a $200 registration fee.

    Could I do the same things as a CPO that a CTA does?

  2. ktm


    A CTA manages individual accounts that belong to others. A CPO manages a single account that is a pool of money from others. You need to have the appropriate registration for what you want to do - one cannot do what the other does. Many have both registrations and run a pool as well as managed accounts.
  3. What are the steps to become CPO?
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    The NFA site can give the most comprehensive answer, however the short version is to pass the series 3 and register with the NFA. To actually start working as a CPO, you'll also need to form an entity and get some docs together.
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    Does the "pooled" of CPO also subject to SEC regulation as well?
  6. No SEC registration needed.....The NFA and CFTC will be the regulation body.

    100% better to deal with than the NASD and Equity as I have dealt with both sides the last 5 years.

    Go the CFTC route if you can.
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    WyckoffTrader, are you a CTA or CPO or both?
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    I think you are wrong.

    Check NFA membership fees here: