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  1. Can anyone refer CTAs with a positive three year track record and low minimum investment of $10k ?
    Open to any management styles considered for right now.

    Thanks everyone
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    I don't have one for $10,000. However there is a really good CTA with a min. of $25,000. Check out www.TMStrade.com.

    I hope this helps.

    Does anyone have a list of CTA websites...?
  3. Why do you need a 3 year track record. What does a 3tr prove?
  4. how about that the manager knows his shit??
  5. Institutional investors usually require a current 3-year track record, with the same key personnel and organizational structure.

    Although the $10K part doesn't sound like any institutional investor...
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    also autumn gold and barclays have free databases.

    check out the track record for IIG Trade Ops...no down months in 5 years...
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    Thanks for the post... Not sure if it was me, but I didn't see any contact information...
  9. 3y track record proves NOTHING! It just gives investors "false comfort" which they naiively crave.
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