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  1. ChrisM


    Looking for tax services for my CTA. Any tips greatly appreciated.
  2. Check out Robert Green, http://www.greencompany.com/. I'm thinking about using him, I asked and nobody complained about him, although I did hear he's on the conservative side (in terms of disallowing questionable deductions) but that's fine with me.

  3. ChrisM


    I was thinking about them but never heard any opinions. I prefer conservative side and this is my primary concern - I wouldn`t care about few more nickels for the risk of possible conflict with IRS.

  4. ChrisM


    After sending question about possible service and fess I have received this:
    GreenTraderTax.com auto reply

    Thank you for seeking information and/or help at info@greencompany.com.

    Robert Green CPA & CEO or Mindy Bartholomew, Executive Assistant will reply soon.

    We use our consultation service to answer tax questions. You are welcome to purchase a 30 minute consultation with Robert Green here http://www.greencompany.com/Traders/TraderConsulting.shtml.

    You may also find the answers you seek in Robert Green's new book The Tax Guide for Traders. Learn more and purchase it here http://www.greencompany.com/Traders/Guides.shtml

    An excellent place to ask questions and get free answers is in our weekly conference calls or our message board. Learn more here http://www.greencompany.com/EducationCenter/Interactive.shtml

    Thank you.

    Robert A. Green, CPA & CEO

    Well, this doesn`t look business friendly :confused:
    They`d put me down before I started :D