CTA - can you also trade equities???

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  1. I am setting up as a CTA. I will be setting up an advisor account thru interactive brokers. I trade mostly Futures but would like to know if I would also be setup to trade stocks thru this platform (CTA and Advisors account) in the state of Florida.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. most likely need series 7 and register with finra.
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    Ask your lawyer. Since you are setting up a CTA you do have a lawyer, yes?
  4. Yes, typically.

    But that ^ as they wrote your docs.
  5. No Lawyer. I did it myself.. My last step is to put together a disclosure document.
  6. In my dealings, I have formed the opinion that, for those unfamiliar to the process, meeting the requirements to becoming a Commodity Trading Advisor can sometimes be as difficult as becoming a profitable trader (and we all know how challenging that can be). CTA's must undergo a registration process with the NFA (National Futures Association) that those new to the NFA's ORS system and its registration requirements may find time consuming.
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    If you're trading securities (including stocks), you have additional SEC regulations that you have to conform to, above and beyond NFA/CFTC oversight.

    If you're not doing this with a lawyer's help, then don't trade securities.
  8. If you are operating on the super cheap, then I guess go for it, but you would be wise to find an attorney with knowledge of the area. If you are going to run a business, like trading, do it right and spend money where needed for expertise.
  9. Why would a cta trade stocks? Makes no sense. Like a f1 driver driving a Kia on the track
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I do mostly trade futures but would also like to use maybe like 20% of the capital to carry a few stocks that look good for a longer term trade and would like to have that option open to me as well.

    As far as legal advise. At this point I just haven't needed it yet.
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