Csun Reverse Head And Shoulders Its Time To Go "all In"

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  1. Nope pump and dumper, this one you should keep. Once it pops over 15 then there is a high chance of it being Solf-like. Im putting my foot down on this one, lets go "all in".
  2. F it, go for it if you feel it. I'm a buy on bad news, buy the dip type and sell rallies. Not buy high, sell higher. I usually catch tops that way...

    Who the f knows really. I'd be willing to bet against much of these China pump up tickers today on the ineviable momo fade.
  3. Rumors at the trade desk persist about new supply being brought online, major annoucement coming in the future.
  4. Its not too late pump and dumper, this is going to be a clear shot to over 25 and possibly higher. Buy high and sell higher. Time to go "all in".
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    look at the chart on a "10 day" intraday setting....
    just a different view that sometimes help your pattern regognition.

    nice breakout at 12 and a new high today...higher prices above 19-20 are likely.

  6. be cautious on these rallies into the new year. especially on stocks like this.
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    swing the radius....lets see what happens
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  8. lol what is that even supposed to be?
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    awwww.... come on now.
    this is supposed to be a fun and sometimes educational place to surf by.
    my feelings are sooooo hurt.
    just f'ing with ya.....heheheheeheeeee

  10. so where are you all in from kid?
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