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    Anyone else looking at these? Both of these have been taking a pounding in the past month, and have popped up on my radar. I don't understand what's going on with CSTR, since they've been getting lots of support and growth from RedBox, but they also have a buttload of debt. And GME is just getting pounded because of fears of lower video game sales, competition, and online streaming.

    I think both are due for an oversold bounce of 20% from the low, but what that low is is anyone's guess. Anyone have any opinions on these stocks?
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    CSTR is bouncing hard. Up 20% from the 24.30 low. GME is now up 10%.
  3. GME OUCHH!!!!!! I think people are over reacting though. The holiday numbers were pretty steady with last years. We are still in a recession. I'll be holding for quite a while.

    Possible takeover canidate?
  4. risky63


    gme is toast.......should go down for 3-5 more days.
    hanging gap.
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    And that's why I hate buying anything in front of earnings. I did not buy GME, nor CSTR, but I'm gonna pass until earnings are out. I got burned on GME earlier this year at 30, and cut losses at 27. Now after several head fakes, I'm putting it in the perma trash bin. I think its business is permanently impaired by the likes of Walmart, AMZN, etc... Also, I've been reading about some disturbing trends at GME that have turned gamers off on it, e.g. unpackaging of new games and putting stickers on the cover and artwork (WTF is that about?).

    Oh well, after this latest spat, GME is off my radar. Until I hear rumors of a buy out, of course. :)
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    GME is forming big bull flag with resistance around 16.00

    so buy GME between 16.20 and 17.00 and hold for 6 to 8 months 50 % gain

    target $24?