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    This show has gone to the dogs. I knew they ripped off urban legends but last night was the worst I've seen.

    Two punks wearing varsity jackets in a sport car at night, drinking, speeding, we all know what's coming next. Anyway they swerve to miss someone or something in the road, go out of control and hit a tree. Both dead. CSI shows up, finds the road wasn't wet or oily, and the passenger has a strangely fractured arm inconsistent with the crash.

    Turns out the swerve to miss something in the road was a stupid misdirect. These two knuckledraggers were playing mailbox baseball. The passenger was knocking off mailboxes with a baseball bat as the car drove past, only the last one he hit was booby-trapped, causing the bat to rebound into the driver's head and making them crash. CSI searches an owner's property and finds a buried mailbox full of concrete -- the booby-trap. The owner is charged with negligent homicide. WTF!

    First of all, like I said, it's a ripoff:


    Second, mailbox baseball is a felony:

    U.S. Code Title 18, Section 1705 [1] prohibits the willful destruction of a mailbox, or mail within it, and allows for a fine up to 250K$US and up to three years of imprisonment for persons who do so.

    Even though it's rarely punished like a felony, it should be. And how is it negligent homicide for some punk to get f**ked up trying to vandalize your property? If this is for real, no wonder this country is going to hell.
  2. Oddly enough, I was going to do something similiar after some useless POS took out my mailbox one night. A friend gave me a mailbox shaped like a F-86 a few years ago now and I put it up. The pricks destroyed it and I really wanted to set up another one booby trapped to take their frickin heads off, but I calmed down after a week or two. I can tell you I had quite a few creative ideas that would have landed me in jail for a long time if I had followed through. Maybe Bubba the jailbird butt surfer would have left me alone when I told him I killed a couple kids for messin' with my mailbox. lol :D