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  1. m22au


    Interesting action pre-market in CSCX, with the stock going above $40 at one stage.

    I wonder which big bank suffered from fat finger syndrome
  2. No prob.

    The big guys will just break the trades and the little retail schmuck will be left holding the bag...
  3. Bob111


    i tried to short @ 64, but IB did not let me.
  4. It would have been broken anyway.
  5. Bob111


  6. i went long off 10 on the collapse made 4600 and it was busted. bastards can do what they want
  7. I've had a few trades get busted and this has always bugged me.

    Sure, we need a "fair and orderly market", etc, etc, but when I screw up like that and enter a bad order, I expect to pay for it. Seems like they always get a do-over.

    No easy answers I guess, but one big problem to me is that it would be nice if the whole chain of trades got canceled.

    If I buy on a *fake* or mistake print, then if I don't carefully check it out (don't sell if your buy is way from the market!) and SELL. Then sometime later I end up short the stock when the buy gets busted.

    But my trade stays and I get the ole ream... :mad:
  8. gaj


    i have no problem busting the 'bad trade'.

    but to bust 25 minutes worth? that's b.s. there should be *fines* for the firm....
  9. had $14G's worth of trades busted on CSCX that day... caught it around $62 for 100 shares and rode it up to around $66 for a little over $400...

    then caught another 800 shares on the downward slide from $80 down to $12ish totalling just over 13 G's.

    too bad every trade over 8.97 was busted... was not happy about that