CSCO's big flop

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  1. A 600 dollar per seat "Home teleconference" device which also requires a 25 buck per seat per month sub to use it for calls.

    CSCO is a company who really has lost its way the last several years as it keeps chasing the latest trend but failing to execute. And at the same time they are failing at its core competency, while smaller players keep winning sales (ie FFIV,HPQ,MERU,etc..) Also when Cisco buys up a productline/company they end up losing customers to competitors over the years.
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    Agree, I have been seeing a lot of this lately, the sad thing is the people behind these ideas get paid 6 figures + a year. Seems like some are getting lazy and are just throwing anything into the market place to compete.

    2 products that have gone bye-bye in the last few months are:

    Microsoft KIN

    Qualcoms Flo TV

  3. Tech companies are notorious for blowing money on ill conceived acquisitions,book keeping and other hankypanky (ie: Dells short put option debacle, Cisco's notorious insider stock options three card monty, MSFT's big squandering of shareholder equity on bad acquisitions (ie Danger,aquantative etc..)

    I would have to say in general Airline stocks, Tech stocks are poor investments for the long term holder.

    Microsoft KIN is a great example, they bought Danger and what was a successful product (Danger Sidekick) became Microsoft Kin = 1 Billion down the drain.
  4. Can you call people who don't have a umi and just use voice? If so, it seems comparable to Vonage, which costs $25.99/month. Still (a lot) more than what Skype and Google charge, but non-techies are willing to pay a lot for telecomm.
  5. Unfortunately for Cisco, for a fraction of the price you can buy two ipod touch devices with face time and not have to deal with any monthly fees as well.