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    CSCO reports tonight, im very bullish on this stock, have been since it was 17 and no one cared to invest in it. I think if they do well 27 is certainly possible, if by chance they miss and guide down back to 22 it goes.
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    They can't miss, the market's already pricing their upside and has been for the last week. CSCO ALMOST hit 25 yesterday... ($24.99). If they were going to miss, it would have been selling like mad this week from all the insiders.
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    disagree, i have seen stocks run up prior to earnings only to selloff afterwards...
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    It will probably sell off anyway for a bit before continuing its rise. That's what 'buy on rumor, sell on news' means.

    That doesn't mean if it does a temporary dip that it's shortable, just that some people may take profits (or they may not)... the market is shaping up to replay 1998 all over again, and CSCO is one of the stocks I've been holding since 1999 just to see it come back, $70 a share, which was NOT it's peak. heh.

    As far as I'm concerned, there has been no bull market til we have passed the last peak, and that's Nasdaq 5000.

    Over the last few years, I think most companies underreport their projected earnings so they can 'shock' the market when they beat expectations, intentionally. But given that CSCO is a bellweather stock, if it takes off, the whole market is going to fly thru the holidays.

    You do what you want with that. You're probably the most pessimistic person on this forum, so maybe you should short CSCO now. :D
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    its up ANOTHER 2% today, its gone straight up these last 3 days.....
  6. I dont think so. Because the earnings are better than expected, the stock should gap tomorrow.
  7. I've already made 1.61 in after hours anyone else getting in on this??...holy shit.

  8. Take the money and run NOW!
  9. I picked up 1k for 26.19--The market makers are still going nuts. I'm holding overnight. I don't think it'll go below my entry.
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    *shrug* MY CSCO cost me $70.

    I don't really care what it does til it hits that again. Far as I'm concerned it's way down.

    But as I said earlier, as a 'bellweather' tech stock, it confirms my thought 2 weeks ago that Nasdaq is beginning it's climb back to 5000. Til it breaks 5000, there's no new high for Nasdaq.

    Keep in mind that the last time this happened (when Cisco was $70), it was JUST after the landslide Republican mid-term election. The 'bubble' ran all the way to 2001, with a few bumps along the way.
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