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  1. Looking at after hours trading, with CSCO up over a buck, looks like we make a run for the roses in the near future.

    More gap and trap.

    Has anyone else noticed how similarly the markets now trade to the way the Nikkei gaps around?

    I wonder how long until we get a split trading session, so we can have intraday gaps.
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    Csco beats...and Qcom meets....still no bad news. Numbers tomorrow....however.......i think we are about to see a another up......hold on Shorts......


    No bad news? What about valuations? Weren't CSCO revs up 5% year over year. Forward looking P/E is 30, current P/E about 40. Expensive to me ... yeah the economy is expanding but lots of stocks are expensive IMO. I'm looking more at shorting now. Very muted reaction to the jobs number today.