CSCO saves the day

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by myminitrading, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Perfect timing for their release. Bet the market rallys, now that we have cleared resistance.
  2. wheee CSCO raises guidance, NQ blasting off.
  3. Man everyone on wallstreet will be going nuts on this news.
  4. Hello Room Service? Yes, I would like to order the Gap and Crap Special for breakfast tomorrow. Thank You.
  5. I'm 'almost' always right

    i know how stocks work

    when I say markets rebounding they often do
  6. Boy these guys are laying in on thick, everything is roses at CSCO. Maybe its the top for them.
  7. Hello this is room service.
    Unfortunately, gap and crap isn't available anymore, but what about a sucker's rally?
  8. Mvic


    Bought PMCS for the CSCO play today, just saw that it has a large short position. Could be in for a squeeze in the AM.
  9. dont


    Classic :D
  10. Oh, it was CSCO was it?

    And here I was thinking the market rallied because the sun came out today.
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