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    CSCO will come up with its easnings today AH. Many beleive it will go up (based on option action). I fee CSCO will not move that much after the earnings. It will be between 17-18. So maybe the best trade would be short straddle 17 May.
    Note: I have no positions on CSCO and will not do the trade that I am recommending because CSCO is not a stock that I trade.
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    Now CSCO looks very attractive at 17.5ish. It should be up tomorrow.
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    CSCO will start to move up in the next two days because shorts will cover their positions to free up the cash for other trades. Short juice is out of CSCO at this price.
  4. IF you have NO position in CSCO and won't trade in it, then WHY are you bringing it up?
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    OMG!!. Good point. Remind me to ask the same questions when they interview the analysts about a stock which they claim they don't have any position on it. I did not have any position on SLV but I had my comments on those threads too. It is just me. Talkative and addictive to prediction.
  6. CSCO and MSFT seem to be in the same boat. The current management may not know how to grow a mature company. Balmer at MSFT is an old time guy, and has done nothing, and Chambers looked great through the easy growth years, but now that there is competition, he doesn't seem to be able to counter, and has no clue to leadership for the company in its current form. I wish people didn't have egos that prevented them from realizinfg they don't know how to manage to the current conditions. On the other hand, I'd still be working for the same airline if they did, instead of making a better paycheck trading.
    Chambers and CSCO are getting their asses handed to them. I forget the name of the other company who is stealing their business from the them, but I will pull out my reading material and find them and invest in them. The company is putting out products at a higher level for less than CSCO lower level products, and they are using less energy and more efficient software, ie linux to run the software.
    I'll buy CSCO but lower than where they are now, as the cash in the bank factor lends hope, but I'll sell options until I get my price for CSCO.

  7. Yes, your last sentence "says it all"

    Analysts? They're just shills to move paper. There's no Chinese wall.

    Darn, I missed the posts about SLV.

    Might be more fun (and lucrative) if you wrap a scarf around your head, find a dark room, maybe some candles, and read palms. For a fee of course.

    Cisco isn't a bellweather. It's a liquid dinosaur. 70 million shares per day of churn.

    Shall I yawn now?
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    Just answer one question. "What is your problem"?

  9. Problem? I've got many problems. Some I can fix. Some I can't.

    The problem at hand would be out of thousands of stocks, having to wade Cisco and John Chambers. Particularly after its run ended a DECADE ago (albeit I have socks older than that).

    Did that answer your question?
  10. CSCO 16.93 today, let's if it will start going up.
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