CSCO/NOK and Bidu doesnt this remind you of late 99

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Ok Im not the only ones thinking it, but first Bidu, then CSCO/Nok , ok doesnt this remind you like its a mini late 99 situation going on.
  2. was there cisco/nokia news? I don't get the reference.

    Bidu's an abberation IMO....late summer, dull mkt, low float, chinese exposure hard to come by, etc, etc..

    I don't sense any late 99 feel AT ALL to this mkt.

    Can you explain your thought process a little more? I mean what's your context? Certainly if you one the guys that played BIDU it had a 98-99 feel to it....for A DAY atleast, but one stock does not a market make.

    What is the csco/nok ref about?

  3. article on marketwatch csco gonna buy nokia
  4. Babak


    This sounds totally bogus. They don't even say who came out with the story..."Sunday business newspaper"??

    Notice that no one is giving specifics on who broke the news:,7204,16187664^15465^^nbv^15306-15316,00.html

    If it were WSJ or NYT, or heck, Miami Herald, I would give it much more credence.
  5. oh part of dowjones reported that csco is in a deal to buy nokia for its wireless business. If thats true, doesnt this give a feel of late 99 when you had a whole bunch of stocks jumping 10, 20 points on earnings, and culminated with the aol/warner merger. It feels like a mini late 99 here. Well from my view you have ntes, jumping 15 points, amazon jumping 8-10 points, and others jumping 10-20 points on ok earnings, not spectacular but ok earnings.{E7DD27F3-D52B-41C8-B603-E3286130E453}&

  6. If it's true, that's a 200 billion dollar monster. :eek: