csco mentions strong demand...

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    Now Cisco's ramping off the words from a development chief talking about strong demand. Friday afternoon ramps are incredible, and with Cisco leading, this one's pretty amazing. The large enterprise slowdown is over! Drugs and tech up, now there's a couple of strange bedfellows. Only in the 1990s did I see that happen consistently. If Cisco's good, you can buy an awful lot of stocks, everything from Akamai and Brocade to Ciena and Juniper. As for the drugs, the money's flowing into them so quickly that they aren't done going up either. And here go the coppers and the rest of the mineral complex, too. Monotonously positive! Random musings: Stockpickr's James Altucher will have some good Beat the Street game picks for you Monday morning. He and I have already been going back and forth about them. holds a minority ownership interest in Stockpickr LLC and serves on its Member Committee. J