CSCO just lowered guidence

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  1. cited weakness in north america and europe. of course the bulls say america does'nt matter and europe is stong. tech is dead tomorrow. pumpanddumper is probably doing back flips.
  2. CSCO and the Nasdaq will have a strong rally on Wednesday.
  3. wednesday of next year?
  4. Feb 07, 2008
  5. It's down 7% A/H on lowered guidance.....

    huh?? :confused:
  6. S2007S


    looking for ndx 1600 very soon, thats if the federal reserve doesnt step in for the 1000th time to lower rates because the markets down 3% in premarket trading...

    all indexes getting ready to test January 22nd lows again, going to get

    *******EXTREMELY VOLATILE*******
  7. The funny thing is, this can't be a surprise to anyone but, yeah, the market will probably get pounded anyway. People just have no reason to buy. I can't think of any good news out there about anything.
  8. what funny is that everyone said tech was safe and whatever happened in the U.S.S did'nt affect the world anymore. thats just so wrong. this is the start of another leg down until the inevitable 3 day short squeeze to suck unsuspecting longs back into the market.
  9. NY hOOD...I would be doing backflips but I don't have action on downside these days.

    I usually do but have been on the sidelines afraid to pull the trigger lately with most trades. I have some bag holding positions still. 3/4 is in cash in trading account for daily swing trades.

    I think I'm pissed I missed this last downdraft and unloaded a couple inverse funds a little early. Took a loss on fade the FED too...pisser

    I'm almost ready to go long at some point. All I know is if I short the market now, there will be some crazy rally and the ECB will cut on me overnight.

    F me, futures down again. Seeing 11,xxx soon will be sweet though. May have to do some bargain hunting.


    I remember making a trade at $9 a few years ago. Thought I was hot shit getting out on 14% move....POS was dead then revived in the bull run along with all other tech flyers. Glad to see it dive!
  10. As long as oil inventory continue being reported with "surprise growth"; oil will fall and market will rally some what.
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