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  1. I just crack up when I read, we would have made this or that if we didn't have to account for options.

    basically they made the same thing they did one year ago, ZERO growth from all their acquisitions.
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    While I understand your general point, you should listen to the CC. They had a much better quarter than you probably think they did and their business seems to be very healthy..

    CSCO could pop 10% tomorrow; if it does, it might signal a turning point too...
  3. Their earnings are flat, I learned in 1999 not to take anything the CEO or CFO says as nothing more than cheerleading.

    Up until the market collapsed all you heard was rosy predictions from conference calls, and CNBC guest appearances.

    Its so late in this business cycle to expect big growth. We could putter around for the next decade going know were.
  5. Hey I just thought of something, my trading accounts are set up as LLC entities. Can I use the same accounting methods public companies use.

    Pro Forma numbers, and many other accounting tricks?
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    what interesting in the last go around CSCO was one of the last to fall, that is, Chambers was hyping how there was no slowdown, then they took some multi-billion charge, then they actually sold some of the stuff written off (100% profit since it was written off to make their numbers).. but haven't we seen this story before?

    Is it possible that this is the canary in the coalmine since last time CSCO was the last to admit there was a slowdown. (during tech meltdown)

    I haven't read earnings/analyzed yet so they might be terrific, but just knowing how full of themselves CSCO management is...
  7. i know the router industry

    I assume csco bases most of the % revenue on their router business , not their other 300 small businesses they acquired, linksys is big though.

    The router industry is dead,
    Theres no new expansions, no need for new routers,
    if I was going to buy a router today , I would go for the cheaper alternatives: juniper / extreme

    lets face it, the internet infrastructure is over.
    theres no 15% growth in router needs every year like back in the 90s when the internet was budding
  8. i laugh at csco. saying they had 21% rev growth. thats bs there including sfa who they acquired vs not including them last year. without sfa they had 9% revenue growth. they bought back like 150 million shares so without the buy back they had crap growth. and for them to hype as the economy is about to tank is shameless
  9. Internet infrastructure is over in the short term due to massive over building in the 2000 bubble.

    But think about india, china, and the huge percentage of the world that is still not networked. This capacity will eventually get eaten up, and cisco is in good position to win.

    Cheaper routers does not equal cheaper over all. Talk to some network engineers. Cisco is the one to beat.
  10. China cant make their own routers. Thats a laugh.
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