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    sales up a bit, Guidance is in question, most tech is down AH.

    CSCO off 5%+ right now, going to new 52 week lows very soon. Sell tech, any rally should be sold, especially in AAPL which is going back to below $80.00
  2. If apple retests lows I will be buying hand over fist.
  3. Interesting a guy in another threadtalking about TC2000.

    Yesterday, with everything screaming, Peter Worden, in a chat room, talked about the lack of relative strength in APPL. Csco had been a GS recommendation last week, and you could see that lag. The Worden call caught my attention, and was a good one.

    Apple will hurt some folks in the morning.
  4. I would like to buy this stock too so I'm looking for it to come down a bit. I seem to always wait too long to get into this stock.

    Yes the consumer market is going down but this stock lost a lot of value. P/E is around 19 from an average tech would have been around 30 in 2003. They have 27% ROE. It hasn't been 85 since October 10th. I am definitely putting in a limit order for this. Will I own it long term? I don't think so. I am selling before a resistance point.

    What is your thoughts on why this will go to $80?
  5. I think AAPL will be under 70. in 09. I would not be a buyer but if I was trying to get long apple I would sell puts at the strike price that I would pay for the stock and try to collect some premium over the next several months. if you get stock put to you then you can smile because you got what you wanted and got payed to buy it.

    Good Trading All
  6. CISCO is junk. They squander free cashflow and use it to fill the pockets of insiders at the expense of shareholders.

    You are better off looking elsewhere.

    Those "Share buybacks" are a scam.