CSCO announcing "INTERNET PITCH" at 11AM! Possibily the newest internet bubble!!!

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    Could this be the next internet bubble, this could be the change in the industry that no one was expecting until now. More tech hype coming forward......

    Maybe this will create an additional 10 million jobs we need by the end of 2010.

    I can almost guarantee that this news would be a non event a couple of years ago, but since apple has started the trend of hyping products before they come out I guess the newest thing to do is hype every bit of tech news you can.

    Cisco's Next-Generation Internet Pitch
    By Scott Moritz 03/09/10 - 10:08 AM EST

    NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Cisco's(CSCO) next-generation Internet sounds like the last generation Internet, only with more hype and new promises of blistering speeds.

    All eyes in tech will turn to Cisco at 11 a.m. EST Tuesday for "a significant announcement that will forever change the Internet and its impact on consumers, businesses and governments," according to the company's breathless, one-paragraph save-the-date press release.

    Investors and analysts are expecting Cisco to announce a broad array of networking gear to boost delivery of advanced services. Speculation around the upcoming event has centered on a 100 gigabit core routing technology as reported by the Financial Times last month.

    Some analysts expect Cisco to name telco and cable partners like AT&T(T) and Comcast(CMCSA) as part of the plan. The speed boost initiative is also expected to include the wireless data delivery system provided by Starent, a tech shop Cisco acquired last year.

    Given the level of excitement going into the event, some investors predict there will be some selling on the news.

    Cisco shares surged a penny in early morning trading Tuesday.
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    I smell a clever marketing PR stunt.
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    Tell me why this news was hyped when everyone in 2010 should know that technology is always advancing. When has there been a time in the last 30 years where our world of technology has taken a step back.

    By Benjamin Pimentel

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Cisco Systems on Tuesday introduced a new routing system that it says is geared "to serve as the foundation of the next generation Internet." The company's CRS-3 Carrier Routing System is billed as having "more than 12 times the traffic capacity of the nearest competing system." Cisco said AT&T has successfully tested the new product, in the "world's first field trial of 100-gigabit backbone network technology."
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    Top Countries Ranked by Speed
    Including All Tests
    Ignore Schools and Corporations
    Download Speed
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    2 1,251 7,008 Aland Islands 19.17 Mb/s
    3 410,483 1,524,026 Japan 17.80 Mb/s
    4 316,042 2,961,016 Latvia 17.39 Mb/s
    5 1,607,108 10,920,396 Romania 15.76 Mb/s
    6 370,028 3,119,606 Lithuania 15.36 Mb/s
    7 599,561 2,093,927 Sweden 14.84 Mb/s
    8 3,128 14,002 Andorra 14.68 Mb/s
    9 1,228,732 7,526,980 Netherlands 14.36 Mb/s
    10 576,227 4,615,955 Bulgaria 14.12 Mb/s
    11 168,151 1,622,393 Republic of Moldova 12.58 Mb/s
    12 590,512 3,156,658 Hong Kong 11.16 Mb/s
    13 1,310,481 6,369,598 Portugal 11.05 Mb/s
    14 264,343 1,783,440 Slovakia 10.43 Mb/s
    15 1,624,007 14,262,869 Hungary 10.10 Mb/s
    16 3,804,539 10,132,383 Germany 9.85 Mb/s
    17 1,421,007 16,031,778 Ukraine 9.74 Mb/s
    18 309,279 2,586,392 Czech Republic 9.64 Mb/s
    19 444,464 1,551,225 Switzerland 9.54 Mb/s
    20 4,430,464 32,340,570 Russian Federation 9.48 Mb/s
    21 983,505 4,400,467 Finland 9.27 Mb/s
    22 463,335 2,231,699 Denmark 9.07 Mb/s
    23 137,432 626,442 Estonia 8.62 Mb/s
    24 326,206 1,826,881 Slovenia 8.55 Mb/s
    25 621,354 3,466,862 Singapore 8.24 Mb/s
    26 2,036,282 6,801,200 France 8.12 Mb/s
    27 503,107 2,264,660 Norway 8.06 Mb/s
    28 31,567,796 141,830,036 United States 7.70 Mb/s
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    Yea I noticed that as well, "surged"!!!!
  7. reminds me of the early Jan headlines. having read those headlines, one felt totally retarded not to be long that market. of course THEY pulled the rug a week later.
  8. So Cisco rolled out a new core CRS router (CRS-3 Carrier Routing System). No big deal and not a game changer. Why all the hype.
  9. Do you think these writers are sarcastic?? Ha, that would pretty cool if thats what the writer was doing.. :D
  10. The winner of the next internet bubble will be decided on the basis of who can provide the fastest wireless internet access at the widest possible ranges.

    A few years down the road, everyone on the planet will have those nifty little netbooks, but not everyone will choose to own a desktop, or even a nettop. Whoever can properly tap into this market will have become the next Nortel.
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