Crystal McVea Describes Her 9 Minutes With God

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    Stories about people who claim to have very literally died and gone to heaven have gained a fair bit of attention, particularly over the past year. On Tuesday, yet another person who claims to have seen heaven appeared on “Fox & Friends” to describe the experience.

    Crystal McVea appeared on the show, author of “Waking Up in Heaven,” described the supernatural experience that led her to an alleged encounter with the Almighty.

    McVea said that her body took on an overdose of anesthetic during a surgery which led her to have an experience she describes as standing in heaven.

    “What did it look like?” Carlson asked.

    “I fail to find human words that can describe what I experienced while I was there,” the published author replied.

    “What does God look like?” Carlson continued.

    “I saw an immense brightness – a brightness I could feel, taste, touch, hear, smell – that infused me,” McVea replied. “Not like I had five senses, but maybe like I had 500 senses.”

    Watch McVea describe the intriguing experience of being dead for nine minutes, below: