Cryptocurrency vs tulip

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  1. Peter8519


    When we look at the stock charts for VIAC and DISCA, they really look nice. :cool:
    Too bad, the public didn't jump on the bandwagon and take it further. The market manipulator is exposed. Possible that there were some strong hands behind the tulip market before it collapsed?

    People used to say the forex market is too big to be manipulated until regulators started handing out big fines.;)

    Is cryptocurrency exchange regulated? If not, possible that some big hands behind this run ?:confused:
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  2. maxinger


    Cryptocurrency vs tulip mania


    Cryptocurrency = tulip mania
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  3. Nobert


    Whom do you have in mind ?
  4. cesfx


    Didn't the tulip mania last just a year?
    Crypto returns in the last 10yrs are phenomenal...
    It might be the biggest bubble ever, or just one of the most disruptive and revolutionary tech we have seen in a while.
    If I had to guess who is the biggest whale, I'd say China.

    I'd be way more concerned about the fiat currencies bubble.
  5. Here4money


    Everything's a bubble in a big enough time scale
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  6. %%
    Good points.
    But cash tulips were actually a real market+ good looking fundamentals. Warren Buffet may think bitcon is real , he called it ''rat poison'' No wonder i don't have many friends.
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  7. Nobert


    For me & for most introverts (i think), one or two is enough.

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  8. That's because warren buffet is an old timer who doesn't understand new technology because he has already made billions on old stocks and doesn't want to learn anything else.
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  9. %%
    You must not live in US;
    us is not Germany nor is silver, paper.
    I see your point on the small interest they pay on Us dollar.
    What's W Buffet know about anything/LOL be called bitcon ''RAT POISON''
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  10. cesfx


    Correct, I don't live in the USA.

    Warren Buffet was also very very wrong about Amazon....

    Paul Tudor Jones has BTC, bought some before those rallies. I prefer PTJ judgement to the great Warren. One could be my father, the other one my great grandfather...
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