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  1. I see 3 cryptocurrencies that have a strong use case: 1) Bitcoin (BTC) - store of value, 2) Ether (ETH) - decentralized apps, 3) Monero (XMR) - private payments. Do you see any other cryptocurrencies that have a strong use case? If so, why?
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    I think that in this case it makes sense to work with the one that is most popular.
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    old coot

    Some sellers of services and/or products that are illegal in some jurisdictions have gone almost completely to crypto. Meanwhile, some of the crypto exchanges have gone to some kind of weird rule about you make a deposit, you wait a week before you can use it, making the average consumer who finds himself unable to use a credit card or anything other than crypto, stuck in a jam. Do I buy 200 dollars of crypto currency and hope and pray it's still worth 200 bucks when I get to spend it in a week, or do I buy 220, just in case.
    Also, most of the things you need to buy via crypto only won't stay at the same price for that week. For instance, you may want a kilo of jello because you like jello, and it's on sale, today only, at half price, bitcoin only.
  4. Yes they do. You odviously don't know what you're talking about...
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    so far zero even BTC bitcoin

    it's 100% speculation pump and dump including bitcoin BTC
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    Be that as it may, it was quite profitable to work with cue ball, even now.
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    I think Bitcoin and Ethereum have a strong use case. Bitcoin mining can help you earn cryptocurrency without paying for it. To invest in Bitcoin, Coinbase can be a good exchange for it. Ethereum will have a strong impact in terms of cryptos in the coming years.