Crypto gains and taxes

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    The sad tale of being up 900% in 2017, then losing half of it this year, and when we ad taxes, he is back to zero gains:

  2. Set aside the necessary money for the applicable taxes on the gainful trades -- don't spend 100%, all of it again.

    Bitcoin traders/investors are not true traders. They are random tech Joes...who are all bound to get wiped out, since they don't understand market fundamentals, technicals, emotions, etc etc. misc variables and dynamic elements and misc misc.

    All they rely on is their hippy, Idealism values...on how things and the world should be.
    A harsh prescription dose of Realism served up by Doctor Wall St.

    Today was a great day in the market, Pekelo...High-Five` o_O
    The DOW's monsterous, historic intraday drop meant a small tidal wave of killer profit.
    i feel like eating Dunkin Donuts and milk. i like any kind of donut, except one's with jelly inside...those are gross.
    I feed my beagle whole donuts, he's fat/chubby. a bowl of milk, with donuts inside.
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  3. my hear tbleeds for the gambler
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    That's a whole lot of words for "most Bitcoin buyers are gamblers"
  5. Sounds like a guy who needs trader status so he can claim his losses in 2018 against his 2017 gains.
  6. too late